Now that turbo Defiant is back on the web after a long hiatus...

I need the support of all of you to spread the word About the comic. I did my best, but I am no webmaster nor a programer. I must  have screwed something up cause I could not import the old blog into this new site, which means that the thousands of readers subscribed to the former RSS feed will simply not receive anymore news about us.

And I assume that very few will manually look for the website, which is why we need to do everything possible to spread the word out about Turbo Defiant and if we reach even more people in the process, even better!

So, what is there to do?

 Step 1: Add our networks to successfully tag your publications

Give your like to Turbo's and my page on facebook. Additionally, you can follow me on Instagram and Twitter.  Your coupon is obtained after performing just one publication, but if you support us with all your networks get better chance of winning raffles of free books.

Step 2: Spread the Word!

If you enjoy Turbo Defiant, you'll find no trouble saying what you like the most about it, just share the love! 🙂  As a example, here are some comments left by some readers in the last published delivery:

Gorzag said:
"Seriously, This webcomic is excellent."

Bullwinkle said:
"A story must have good art and plot to keep my interest.
This story has both. "

Smallz Kidd said:
"Damn .... amazing work and a great concept for story and the illustrations are just out of this world amazing i definitely will be sharing with friends and esta i am definitely a new fan of your work and Turbo Defiant."

Don't forget to add and tag Turbo's aforementioned social networks in your posts, adding the hashtag #turbodefiant is a good idea as well, that way we get a notification each time you spread the word, your coupon is processed and you automatically get an entry to the monthly draw. All supporting Defiants will be rewarded and once we get going with this, we'll be getting in touch with you with further instructions. Don't hesitate if you have any ideas or questions around this campaign, drop me a line to, I'll be happy to hear your thoughts.

I really appreciate your time and help, thanks in advance!